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How To Grow Smarter with Botana

Popular Genetics

Grow your favorites from over 9000 grower-created cultivars. You can also create your own strain and share with the community.

Beautiful Photos

Take unlimited, high-resolution photos of your garden. Organize by day so you can reference exactly what that OG Kush looked like last run.

Unlimited GroLogs

Track unlimited gardens for free. Setup your room with growing media, lights, feeding protocols and growing environment.

Manage Pests (IPM)

Create an Integrated Pest Management program to prevent or track them till they’re dead with Bug Reports and Treatments.

Feeding Protocols

Schedule your feedings to monitor water usage and the health of your growing media (nutrient recipes coming soon).

Optimal Environment

Grow any way you want--indoor, outdoor, greenhouse--and track environment variables over time (VPD calculations coming soon).

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"I LOVE this app!!!"

“I’ve been growing for 6 years and always wrote my notes in a journal. This app is SO much better since I can put photos right with my room and feed data. LOVE IT!”
~ Braxton Jennings, Colorado Grower

Botana GroLogs
Botana GroLogs
Botana GroLogs

Remember your first guerrilla garden?

Crappy sheetrock walls, cheap lights, hand watering... We rarely get to build everything we want the first version, so we started with the basics and did it well.

In software development, we call that "first room" a Minimum Viable Product or MVP. We launched our MVP last year and now have over 10,000 growers using the app worldwide.

Botana is co-developed with our growers. That means YOU drive our next great feature. We are opening our product roadmap to all growers and brands this Summer.

Help build the Botana roadmap...

Vote on new features!

Botana Knowledge Base and Consulting

Expert guidance

  • Optimizing your garden using data
  • How to use the Botana Grow Journal
  • Troubleshooting garden problems
  • Proper dosing and application of fertilizers
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For Product Suppliers

Botana is the #1 source for product information. Suppliers can now create brand and product profiles. Contact us to put your product information in the hands of growers most likely to love it.

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For Garden Technology

Botana is a garden analytics platform that connects to any sensor system. If your product that collects garden data, Botana can extend the value of your data to growers. Partner program launching late 2018.

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