The Worst Thing To Happen?


Weed is now legal in California.

The people have spoken. Proposition 64 passed and the world will end. According to most Cannabis growers in the state anyway.

I don’t often get political, other than to ridicule of the puppets telling us things they will later recant. I won’t tell you how I voted, because it’s none of your damn business. I won’t criticize you for how you voted because it’s none of my damn business.

What I do know is that this morning, I woke up, took a piss, drank some water, made my bed and took some deep breaths. Like I do every morning.

I also know that the hundreds of growers I call friends and the multitude I have yet to meet, also woke up, mixed a reservoir, pulled some dead leaves, staked a heavy bud and lit up a freshly rolled joint. Like they do every morning.

They will continue this routine. Day in and day out, regardless of California Prop 64, Massachusetts ¬†Amendment 2, Nevada Question 2, or any other law that’s been written or will be written.

Growers grow. It’s their life. It’s their passion. It’s their income. It’s their little ‘fuck you’ to the establishment that has forced them into synthetic criminality.

To the growers who this morning are bitching about the new laws while tending to their garden with a joint hanging from their mouths, this is your new existence. You persisted through prohibition. You avoided jail, or dealt with it. You built a monolithic industry that has shaped our economy, our culture and our politics.

You are not finished. The world is not ending. You will keep growing. Presidents and politicians have come and will go. Laws have changed and will continue to change. Growers will always grow, in whatever circumstances.

The signing of the Declaration of Independence was not the end of the struggle. Neither is the passage of Prop 64, or any other law.

Now it’s time to change how we do things. Adapt or die. This is our common evolution.

We must become more unified.

We must elevate our own standards.

We must force lawmakers to change laws that foster opportunity and diversity in the market.

We must create that opportunity and diversity.

We must grow smarter: our gardens, our businesses, ourselves.

Shitty laws passing are not the worst thing to happen. Allowing outside influence to dictate how you think, feel and work is.

Now, let’s get back to work.

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By Robert Schneider

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